In the heart of Chester, The Commercial Hotel has been a fixture of St Peter’s Churchyard since 1817. The old pub was constructed as part of the Commercial Newsrooms by renowned architect Thomas Harrison who was also responsible for the rebuilding of Chester Castle and the Grosvenor Bridge. The Commercial Hotel being the only pub Thomas Harrison built.

Throughout the centuries, The Commercial Hotel has had a colourful history of landlords and patrons. Notable tenants include Charles Sandford who, from 1828, managed The Commercial Hotel for many successful years.

In 2005 The Commercial Hotel fell on hard times. It was subjected to fire damage and a failed attempt to remodel the interior by a national tavern chain.

Happily, by 2010 The Commercial Hotel had returned to excellence, maintaining much of it’s original charm. With great food, entertainment and management, The Commercial Hotel and Bar in Chester is set to remain the most popular choice of discerning Cestrians for generations to come.

The Commercial Hotel

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